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I adore masculine leadership.

Leadership that leads despite chaos, intensity, crises or lack of direction into clarity, focus and unity.

Couple of days ago, I met up with my special women squad to bath in feminine energy. Women gatherings like these are soul nourishing to me. They are a celebration of life itself.

You remind one another of our unique dreams and power. You allow yourself to be fully seen as you are, in your deep pain and full beauty. And you tap into boundless ecstasy of upliftment — this is the medicine of sisterhood.

Within this container, I expressed…

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Dear Sisters,

thank you for your hope and beauty. Thank you for the courage to express and feel. Thank you for your willingness to feel it all. No matter how intense, unease or ugly it might seem. Thank you for holding space for forgotten wounds and dreams. Thank you for the victories you win. Thank you for the music that you are. Thank you for the rhythm to that we breathe, move and bleed. Thank you for the memories you keep alive. Thank you for allowing growth to change, and change to grow. Thank you for the wisdom that you listen with…

A poem I wrote for my beloved in our ~ 8 years relationship

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You are my guide and greatest teacher.

When I make life serious, you teach me ease.
When my heart is blinded, you help me see.
And when I’m gone, you guide me home.

You give me strength to step into my highest Self.
And offer love to help me to accept my lowest Self.

You are my mirror,
and I am yours.

You help me shatter the prison of my mind.
And your conscious presence heals my wounds of any kind.

You taught me how to release…

A poem for the burning heart in 2021

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In moments of despair, in moments of ultimate bliss I long for a union with you.

I pray for you.
I pray for peace within.
I pray for peace without.
I cry tears of salvation and gratitude.

I pray for wisdom to reveal the paradise that is right in front of your eyes.
I pray for the fierceness of your heart to break free from the stardust that prevents you to see my love.

The gift that can never be repaid.
That you are.

I pray for hate and love to be…

Alisa Eresina

ALISA ‣ coaching purpose-driven individuals & writing from the heart |

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