Chasing the Wrong Dream: Why Motherhood Became My Ultimate Success Story

Alisa Eresina
3 min readMay 24, 2024


My boy turned 2. What I came to realize.

My greatest insight is that I chased the wrong dragon almost my entire adult life.

We live in a dominant narrative that your worth as a human being, is defined by how much you produce in our society. Especially as women, we started priotizing a career (incl. money, status, fame, impact,…) over family.

How does it show?

  • You trade your time for a paycheck hoping there is something of true value at the end of a career ladder, or just to go out at the weekend.
  • You dream of a passive income (or 10K/month, or 6/7 figure business) to enjoy the freedom of travelling, luxury and hedonistic pleasure.
  • You engage in an environment that seems prestige to the ignorant, but triggers a constant stress response in your body, making your immune system weaker and your nervous system deregulated.
  • You suppress your cyclical nature, and unconsciously sacrifice your hormonal, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  • You keep romantic options open, or complain there are no good men — instead of committing to a sacred partnership yourself and learning how to (attract and) build a strong, functioning, and healthy relationship based on love, truth and passionate polarity.

Seemigly liberated choices……

But are they?

What if running after the tale of this dragon is another illusion of success?

In actuality, you just become another tax payer who delegates its responsibility (and therefore the priceless joy) of raising your own children (if you managed to have any in time) to organized programming institutions, we call schools.

I am not saying that every woman has the desire to become a mother.

But, I would argue the majority does if the layers of cultural programming and trauma are removed.

I had countless conversations with women, including many of my female clients, who share vulnerably that what they truly want is a man who provides and protects, so they get to be in their feminine essence, without the pressure to deliver 50/50 financially, and raise their kids with love, presence and care.

That’s it.

And so do I, I came to realize.

After two years of motherhood:
this is the most authentic fulfillment of my heart I have ever expereinced as a woman.

To care for my man, my son, our home, myself, the community and family we get to live with it — is my ultimate living dream.

I love serving my clients into their truth to what they really long for, and how to get on the timeline to manifest this dream into reality. YET, I would trade this heart offering to the world in a split second if I had to choose between my career and my family.

In my early twenties, I felt I would be a failure if I am “just another mother and housewife” (one of my very first podcast episodes is on this topic)

Now, this is the dream I didn’t know my heart truly longed for.

I am sharing this perspective with you, because I wish a wise woman did with me, when I was trying to find my place in the world and was looking in the wrong direction.

Maybe you get to course correct.

Explore what authentically fulfills your heart.
And have the courage to create this reality, as long you are here living this One life.

In deep love and devotion,

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