I am right.

Alisa Eresina
1 min readMar 7, 2022


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I am Russian.
I am Ukrainian.

I am Israeli.
I am Palestine.
I am Syrian.
I am Afghanistan.
I am Libyan.
I am American.
I am Ethiopian.
I am Columbian.
I am North Korean.
I am Chinese.

I’m just doing what’s right.
My compassion is for those who are on my side.

l am right.
I have to fight.
I am a killer.
I am warrior.
I am proud.

I cancel what is not aligned.
I believe I am on the right side.

I am a communist.
I am a capitalist.
I am a consumption loving globalist.
I am pro choice.
I am pro life.

I am woke,
I am oppressed,
and simultaneously, depressed.

I can make it right.
Trust me, I can save you from the dark night.

I am the bad one.
I am the good one.
My love is for those who are right.

I know how to play, just follow my way.

I am conflict.
I am war.
I am self-destruction.
I am peace.
I am life.

I am the good one.
I am the bad one.

Or am I?



Alisa Eresina

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