Why I LOVE men (…and their🍆 energy)

Alisa Eresina
3 min readJun 16, 2021


I adore masculine leadership.

Leadership that leads despite chaos, intensity, crises or lack of direction into clarity, focus and unity.

Couple of days ago, I met up with my special women squad to bath in feminine energy. Women gatherings like these are soul nourishing to me. They are a celebration of life itself.

You remind one another of our unique dreams and power. You allow yourself to be fully seen as you are, in your deep pain and full beauty. And you tap into boundless ecstasy of upliftment — this is the medicine of sisterhood.

Within this container, I expressed my deep love for men.

What opened my heart to speak was a picture of Simon Kjaer, Denmark’s soccer team captain, who held Christian Eriksen’s wife minutes after her husband –and father of two young children– collapsed on the field at the Denmark vs Finland match.

A man who rushed without hesitation to assist his fellow brother in the most crucial moments after an unexpected breakdown. Clearing his airway, preventing Christian to swallow his tongue when he was unconscious, and providing CPR before medics arrived on the field.

A man who directed his teammates to form a shield around him, so photographers won’t take pictures of a man fighting for his life.

A man who took the time to console a woman, who witnessed her beloved in a life-or-death situation, and who was overwhelmed by fear and despair. He did not tap her on her shoulder. He held her head intimately, looked directly into her eyes, and stayed with her in the storm of suffering.

Symbols can be portals into our truth and wisdom.

This image reminded me of my deep love for men and their gifts of leadership (…or 🍆 d*ck energy, if you will!)

I felt like dropping on my knees and honoring the Masculine out of pure grace.

Masculine Energy, is not bound to gender.
Nor has it a fixed frame of expression.

My love and devotion to the greatness of men, does not make me weak or inferior. It does not make me less appreciative of women, and the Divine Feminine. It does not devalue any other form of expression of a human being or their sexuality. It is also not the attempt to conceptualize or box archetypal polar energies that exist because of each other.

My love and devotion is simply a celebration!

A celebration of heroism.
A prayer to the act of being in service to others.
A recognition of an awakened potential that is rooted in true strength, compassion, and surrendered action.

A whisper of the heart that calls out: “I see YOU, and I f*cking LOVE you!”

I see this divine quality in my beloved partner Chris every day.

And I see it in other male friends, in my clients, and strangers.

Men are DOPE!

They build cool shit.
They optimize.
They innovate.
They protect.
They lead.
They goof around.
They play.
They overcome obstacles.
They care.
They ground.
They are fun.
They are solution-oriented.
They sacrifice.
They are driven by mission.

They are Kings and Warriors.

What would happen if we choose to see our most glorifying qualities in each other? Call it Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, Divine Masculine and Feminine… these are just attempts to crystallize that what can’t be spoken of.

If we choose to shine light on what we love and celebrate — instead of what we despise or label as toxic?

What if we can love the patriarchy and its gifts it birthed into the world, and simultaneously let a new paradigm emerge?

Birth the new out of gratitude, joy and the love for evolution.

Men, I love you.

I believe in you.
I trust you.
I adore you.
Thank you.

…shine your d*cks bright fellas 🍆🤙



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